ARRAELA is a group of persons with a high degree of knowledge and experience in the development and application of new materials, especially  in the field of RADIATION PROTECTION, our origins.

Our team shows an active interest in investigation and innovation with the result that we entered the area of renewable energy obtaining what probably is the best storage material based on what might be called thermal concrete. In the maritime field patents have been issued for two functional systems and in the field of in-depth security, a construction system based on our materials.

All the creations and developments carried out have common points of reference that are:


Efficiency and effectiveness.

Environment protection.

Replacement of contaminants such as LEAD.

Replacement of Molten Salts in thermal solar renewable energy.

In summary:



We have a large catalogue of works carried out covering several areas of application.

We believe in R+D+i as the cornerstone of society , and to this end we are working actively in the development of new technologies cooperating with the following entities of which we are members:


For the construction of our own developments we collaborate with researchers and professional from different fields including:

Prof. Eduardo Gallego Diaz

Prof. Alfredo Lorente Filol

Dpto. de Ingenieria Nuclear

ETSII – Universidad Politecnica de Madrid


Prof. Faustino Gomez Rodriguez

Dpto. de Fisica de Particulas

Facultad de Fisicas- Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


Dr. Bruno Dacunha Marinho

Servicio Difracción RX – RIAIDT

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Prof. Javier Sanz

Departamento de Ingenieria Energética.



Manuel Salgado Fernandez

Ldo. En CC. Fisicas

Jefe de Servicio de Radiofísica y P.R.

Hospital de Meixoeiro – SERGAS – VIGO


Dr. Diego González Castaño

Director Técnico del Laboratorio de Radiofísica (RIADIDTU)

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela






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