Contek® RFH

CONTEK® RFH mass is a high density material (? > 4 g/cm3) developed to mitigate photons and/or electrons radiation.

It also offers mitigation against neutron radiation and versatility values that make it technological leader as shielding material.

Table 1 shows Tenth value layer (TVL) of this product as well as of other commonly used materials for various energies of photons and electrons .

Table 1


Table 2 show TVL values of our material and others used to date to mitigate neutron radiation.

Table 2


This high level versatile shielding material has three versions with a common feature: the maintenance of shielding ability keeping structural capacity of material up to at least 1.200ºC:

  • TPHR: Material for preformed with specific treatment designed and registered by Arraela, which makes these a compressive strenght above 100 MPa.
  • TP: Precast shielding material , without high strength treatment.
  • TV: Shielding material for its mass discharge. Structural resistance exceeding 45 MPa.

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