Arraela, through its CONTEK patented materials has developed doors for their application in proton therapy rooms with great advantages over existing ones. Due to the high performance of our shielding elements, our doors are lighter and have lower thicknesses than doors made with standard protective elements.

With our high protection ability labyrinths are minimized , resulting in space savings.

Proton therapy door drive systems are simple and strong to ensure the reliability and cost effectiveness.

This type of entrance doors have the following characteristics:

  • Reliability for long operating periods
  • Robustness and durability of its elements
  • Speed of operation, with opening times of 10 -12 seconds approximately
  • Smaller dimensions than competitors for the same shielding requirements
  • High shielding capacity, guaranteed by our CONTEK© elements, without leaks
  • Adaptable to the needs of available spaces
  • No ground installations required for door installation
  • They can be controlled manually in case of power supply failure, that eliminates the possibility of being trapped inside the bunker
  • High security measures for human beings that avoid getting caught
  • Control systems by means of PLC control, highly configurable, with remote management through the web and the possibility of video integration
  • Full integration with existing architecture and design, being available different finishes according to the aesthetic needs of the room such as stainless steel, painted finish, melamine panelling

We develop specific systems depending on the requirements of our customers.

Our departments of design, engineering, manufacturing and installation ensure the quality of our products at all times.

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