High security bunkers developed by Arraela provide efficient and effective solutions in this type of construction, applying new protection concepts and designing new construction systems supported by advanced materials.

Our engineering department can design a security BUNKER according to your requirements and differentiated profile, based on the items that need protection, time, profile protection, environment, etc. All this subject to a full confidentiality, with functional isolated and crossed developments, there is only one person responsible for the project, delivering all of the generated documentation to the end user/customer.

The whole system is under the trademark  SAFETEK©.  synonym for COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY Our professionals implement new systems every day and they innovate to improve the safety of the projects that our customers entrust us.

Our high level of investment in R+D+i allows us to provide innovative and highly technological systems and materials.

Bunkers for protecting against nuclear, biological and chemical effects including systems that enable survival up to 6000 hours.

  • Protection against explosives
  • Bunker for protection of documentary and/or digital formats
  • Laboratories
  • Panic rooms
  • Buildings (embassies, government seats,…)
  • Strategic conflict management systems


You can see an example of a standard bunker below.

The bunkers we build incorporate security elements not listed in this scheme.


We develop specific projects depending on the customer requirements.

A confidentiality agreement is signed with the customer for each individual project, ensuring that confidentiality and anonymity of contracted facilities are respected.

ARRAELA stands out for its efficient and safe system of installations achieving safety without preventing the enjoyment of comfortable, elegant and safe facilities.

We work with Control entities to certify the safety and the characteristics of our materials.

Elements to be protected:

  • Thermal impacts (structures that support 1.200ºC)
  • Gamma radiation shielding
  • Neutron shielding
  • Electromagnetic field shielding
  • Anti-seismic
  • Protection against anti-bunker specific explosives
  • Confidentiality of works and projects

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