Heatek® ES

Within the energy sector, the company has developed two types of materials specially designed for Thermal solar Plants and has also extended to other areas in which it is required to accumulate heating energy (cogeneration, bioclimatic housing, …).

The first of them is is a concrete of very high density for thermal energy accumulation (HEATEK® ES) qworking autonomously and with the technology of molten salts, currently used in Thermal solar plants, increasing their energy efficiency. The use of this material is planned in cogeneration systems increasing significantly the efficiency of these plants.

This accumulator material presents three variants depending on the working temperature of the plant, adapting the capacity of accumulation of each temperature.

The other material we have developed in the energy field is a lightweight concrete of high structural capability with function of thermal insulator (HEATEK® EI). Its purpose is to limit as much as possible the loss of calorific energy in HEATEK® ES.

Table 1 details the energy characteristics of HEATEK® ES and other materials used as thermal storage medium. It can be observed that calorific capacity of our product is widely superior to the other elements currently used.

Table 1

Table 2 provides a comparative of the material needed for the construction of a thermal solar plant of 1 MW in medium temperature applications to 288ºC.

HEATEK® ES material allow you to store the same amount of energy as the rest of existing products on the market with a volume of material 61% lower with respect to other concretes of thermal accumulation, and 65% lower with respect to thermal salts.

This entails a reduction of space and cost.


Table 2

Table 3 shows the same previous comparative, but for low temperature applications up to 80ºC.

We can see in it that HEATEK® ES stores the same power as the rest of materials currently used , but needs half volume.

Table 3


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