In terms of the energy, issue we have developed a range of highly efficient thermal accumulation materials that open up new possibilities for improving energy management.

All related materials have been developed by our R+D+i Department, and registered under the brand HEATEK ©

Our materials have been developed to optimize performance depending on the working temperature ranges, with three materials for as many working temperature ranges:

1.       High temperature:                  HEATEK © ES-Ht

   For working temperatures between 390ºC and 600ºC.

2.       Medium Temperature:              HEATEK © ES-Mt

   For working temperatures between 250ºC and 390ºC

3.       Low Temperature:                  HEATEK © ES-Lt

   For working temperatures between 80ºC and 250ºC

4.       Insulating material               HEATEK © EI 1

   Material developed for thermal storage insulation.

Our materials meet every kind of need for its use in thermal installations, both for domestic and industrial purposes at large power plants.

Some of the main characteristics of our materials are:

  • Greater capacity for energy storage
  • High manageability of stored energy (Efficient ways of thermal loading/unloading)
  • Materials with temperature ranges from low to 600ºC
  • Materials capable of working in direct contact with molten salts for greater efficiency keeping its structural capacities
  • High structural resistance of our materials, over 110 MPa
  • Compatibility of materials with the expansions of steels
  • High durability
  • Ease of construction and installation
  • Low-cost thermal storage

All of our materials have been developed under the strictest quality controls, with a complete lack of toxic or harmful components for the environment.

The following table shows the great capacity for energy storage of our materials both in low and medium temperature, as well as DSC up to 600ºC.

             Graph 1                                      Graph 2                                     Graph 3


We have materials that meet the different needs for thermal applications.

We develop custom made system with specific requirements.


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